100 WWC – Makeover Lighthouse


Image Credit: Bikurgurl

Imagine 150 years ago, ships coming into this bay in a pitch-black night! They couldn’t see if they were hitting rocks or anything in shallow water. What happened if you lived in that house? A ship might have collided into it.

Well, a farmer lived in that house. He hung a kerosene lantern on the side of the barn to protect his farm house. Later the government put a lens lantern on top of a wooden post. Years have gone by, eventually the government owns that property, and changed it into a lighthouse.

Don’t you think that farmer was clever!

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100 WWC: https://bikurgurl.com/2017/04/19/100-word-wednesday-week-15/

Nomination for the 2017 Bloggers Bash Awards Are Now Alive


This is the time of the year for you to nominate your favorite bloggers. The nomination party will be held in London, but the nomination is for every blogger anywhere in the world. If you have not participated before. Please jump in for fun. This is my first time, so I had to do some study about the rules.

Basically there are 9 categories of Bloggers Bash Awards. You may nominate one blogger per category. If you want to nominate more than one blogger, you fill out the form several times.

Nominees receive only one category award. If you are nominated for more than one categories, you will be contacted to choose one of them.

Some bloggers seem not to be able to find the nominees’ email addresses. I’m posting some info from the original hosting blog. I also did a demonstration of where to find info to fill out the form. It’s easy, so please have fun for nomination at Sacha’s blog http://sachablack.co.uk/2017/04/17/nominations-for-the-2017-bloggers-bash-awards-are-now-live/

You’ll see “purchase ticket,” that is for bloggers who are in London and would like to join the party.

Nominations close on May 8th, then the voting will commence soon after!!!

Sample information:

2017 award categories2017 award rules2017 nomination sample


Timed Pause

Pause. Mark Twain

The art of pause is very important in my counseling service. Most of the ladies who seek help have complex issues. Sometimes they have a lot to talk about and are happy that someone listens to them. Other times, they couldn’t find words to describe their thoughts and feelings. I am to feel comfortable to pause and allow silence. I find pause and silence is as effective as talking!

Daily Prompt: Pause

Black Cat Blue Sea Award

I want to thank Varchswata from https://sparklingpoems.wordpress.com/

for nominating me for the THE BLACK CAT BLUE SEA AWARD.

Please visit her wonderful blog full of sparkling poems.



  1. Thank the nominator who nominated you.
  2. Answer 3 questions asked by the nominator.
  3. Nominate 8 fellow bloggers.
  4. Ask 3 questions to the nominees

The following are the 3 questions Varchswata asked me, and my answers are in italic:

  1. Name of your favorite book.

I have many favorite books. One of my favorite books is DEVOTIONAL CLASSICS compiled and edited by Richard J. Foster and James Bryan Smith. It’s a collection of more than 50 writers on devotional literature.

  1. Do you believe in yourself?

I believe in myself because of my faith in God. With Him, nothing is impossible. Even when I am not able to do anything, He becomes my strength.

  1. Your favorite past time is….

My favorite pastime is listening music. I like mostly classical music.

My nominees are:

Aika. S


Joyously Hopeful

Nezel Yurong

Delyn Merce

DawnLiz Jones

Pavani Bharathula




My three questions for the nominees:

  1. What is your most memorable moment?
  2. When was your last time of having tears of joy?
  3. What do you like the best about blogging?

My dear Nominees, have fun!! 🙂

Nomination Link  from Varchswata







The Versatile Blogger Award

I want to express my sincere appreciation to FOLLOWING HIM BESIDE STILL WATERS, for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award! Please visit her versatile blog https://followinghimbesidestillwaters.wordpress.com.


Award rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Share the award on your blog
  3. Share seven random facts about yourself
  4. Tag 10 bloggers with less than 1,000 followers and let them know that they have been nominated.

Seven Random Facts about me…

  1. This is my second award!
  2. I enjoy gardening very much. I have forty-five rose bushes. For trees, I have two plum trees, one orange tree, one apple tree, and two grape vines.
  3. I started bird watching and feeding two years ago. I had birds made nests in my front yard and back yard. This year, the robin laid three eggs but hatched four birds.
  4. My favorite colors are lavender, fuchsia, and maroon.
  5. I learned cross stitching and knitting in elementary school; and I made my own dresses in my early twenties.
  6. I think I have traveled to seventeen countries and at least eighteen states in the United States.
  7. One of my scary moments was when I did mountain climbing with a youth group; I slipped and pushed my friend below me. We both slipped for a few feet, but fortunately stopped to safety.

The Ten Blogs I’m Nominating, in no particular order:

Michelle Mac


Maria Gianna Iannucci



Robin Baldwin

Hélène Vaillant


Great to Good

Hunt’s Clubhouse

No pressure to accept the award; but if you do decide to, have fun, and I look forward to reading your post!!

Sunshine Blogger Award


I want to express my sincere appreciation to Gbolabo Adetunji for his nomination of me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I am impressed by his passion and humility shone brightly throughout his blog.

“Sometimes, life is hard. Thinking can even make it harder. Staying positive can become a chore but it is worth it in the end. It is better to get better than to get bitter.” – by Gbolado Adetunji

Please visit his blog at: gbolaboadetunji.wordpress.com

Here are the rules for the Sunshine Blogger Award: (If you choose to participate)

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Answer their questions
  3. Nominate fellow bloggers whom you follow
  4. Give them ten questions to answer

(Please also notify your nominees!)

My questions from Gbolabo Adetunji:

  1. What languages do you speak?

There is one written Chinese either in traditional or simplified form. I read traditional Chinese. I recognized some simplified Chinese but not all the characters. My mother tongue is Cantonese. It’s one of the many dialects in China. I learned to speak Mandarin because one of my college professors taught in Mandarin. Since I have been in the US for thirty some years, I speak Chinese with American accent.

  1. When did you last cry in front of another person?

I have a hard time hiding my emotion. So the last time I cried was just sometime in September 2016 in front of a group of women when we shared about something to be thankful for in the summer. I shared about our trip to Spain in August this year to celebrate our anniversary.

  1. Are you less religious than your parents?

I would say I am more spiritual than my parents as a Christian. My parents became Christians in their 70s. Christianity to them is a religion.

  1. What is the one thing you have tried but will never do again?

I tried to learn riding the bicycle as a young adult. After several falls and bruises, I somehow stopped trying and probably will be afraid to try again.

  1. Do you believe everyone needs a soulmate?

Life style is a preference. If someone choses to live a solitary life, he or she would find peace and contentment in life.

  1. Would you say no to palm oil products to save the orangutans?

I don’t have any palm oil products that I can think off. In that sense, I would have no encounter for me to say “yes” or “no.”

  1. Have you ever succeeded when you thought you might fail?

After a year of chemotherapy, surgeries, and radiation in year 2009, my throat was dry and my voice was rusty. I thought I would never be able to sing again. But I went back to the choir four years ago. My voice was getting better and better. I was able to sing Handel’s Messiah in the last three years. This Christmas will be the fourth year I participate in the performance.

  1. Who makes your dinner?

During the year of my cancer treatment and another year of recuperation, my husband did all the cooking. Now I’m well enough to cook dinner every night because he is working and I’m retired.

  1. Do you consider yourself an extrovert or an introvert?

I was born as an introvert. I preferred to observe and listen, rather than voice my opinion. But professionally, I was trained to be a singer, a teacher, a public speaker, and a participant of management decisions.

  1. Have you ever witnessed a panic attack?

I witnessed my own “panic” attack when I locked my baby daughter in the car by mistake. I thought I just ran out of the car to crab something quick, but locked the car with the key in the ignition, and my baby inside. Back in the time when cars didn’t have safety features such as having signals if the key is in the ignition when the car door is open.

I nominate my fellow bloggers who inspire my blogging experience:




Brigid P. Gallapher

Debbie Roth

John Viccellio

There are more lovely blogs I like to nominate. Due to time constraints, I nominate the above names. Please feel free to accept or decline the nomination.


Questions for the nominees:

  1. Have you lived in another country besides where you are?
  2. Where would you like to go as your dream vacation?
  3. What is your most unforgettable moment?
  4. Have you experienced any unpleasant situation?
  5. Are you an early bird or late owl?
  6. Do you prefer indoor or outdoor activities?
  7. What is your favorite kind of food?
  8. Do you prefer reading the newspaper or watch TV news?
  9. Do you have any nicknames?
  10. Do you have any hobbies besides blogging?

Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination Link