Reflecting on the Reflection

Laguna Lake 1

Laguna Lake 2

Sitting by Laguna Lake, looking at the reflection in the water of the surrounding, made me reflecting on the life of the lake in the past twenty some years. Before 2004, a quarter of the lake was covered by Lotus patches. The Lotus flowers were gorgeous. Ducks used to lay eggs on the patches.

Laguna Lake is under the charge of Parks and Recreation Commission of City of Fullerton, California. In year 2004, the lake was undergoing a restoration project. In the midst of the project, a giant 4-foot-long, 100 pound turtle was discovered. Eventually the turtle was housed in Arboretum and then toured for exhibitions.

In September 2004, the lake was dredged, new irrigation system was installed. Humps of small rocks were built around the lake close to the dirt path for animals to rest on them.

Thirteen years into the new lake, life underneath and above the lake is abundant. a lot of activities on the dirt path also, such as running, jogging, walking, horseback riding, biking, baby strolling and fishing. The residences in Fullerton City and beyond enjoy the lake tremendously.

Laguna Lake 7

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting

Wants vs. Needs


Once upon a time, a little boy was told that he could put his hand in the candy jar and take some candies. He had only one chance to take as much as he could in one hand fold.

The boy had his eyes wide open. He put his hand into the jar, stretched the fingers as wide as he could. He dug deep into the candies and grabbed a whole bunch in a tight grip. When he retrieved his hand, only to find that his grip couldn’t pass the neck of the jar. He loosened the fingers to let go some. Still, his grip got stuck in the neck of the jar. He let go some more; and some more, until he could hold the amount of candies that allowed him to retrieve his hand from the jar.

He looked at the jar and looked at his hand. He smiled!

The amount of candies the little boy once had was temporary. What he finally could hold and retrieve his hand from the jar was reality!


Daily Prompt: Temporary

Victory Over Bitterness

In my counseling experience, I have seen many people get stuck in situations of anger and resentment. I came across this article by Leon F Seltzer Ph.D. and the following is a summary. You may find the original article at Psychology Today:

Don’t Let Your Anger “Mature” Into Bitterness, by Leon F Seltzer Ph.D.

Bitterness is unforgiveness fermented.”  (Gregory Popcak)

The Cause of Bitterness

All bitterness starts out as a hurt. Your emotional pain may well be related to being victimized. Someone has wronged you and caused you grieve. Anger and resentment readily came along. When left to fermentation, anger eventually becomes the corrosive ulcer that is bitterness. Stephen Diamond, Ph.D. defines bitterness as “a chronic and pervasive state of smoldering resentment,” and deservedly regards it as “one of the most destructive and toxic of human emotions.”

The Cost of Bitterness

  • Prolong your mental and emotional pain

  • Lead to long-lasting anxiety and/or depression

  • Precipitate vengeful acts

  • Prevent you from experiencing the potential joys of living fully in the present

  • Create, or further deepen, an attitude of distrust and cynicism

  • Interfere with your cultivating healthy, satisfying relationships

  • Compromise or weaken your higher ideals

  • Rob you of vital energy

  • Undermine your physical health by taxing (or “overloading”) your immune system

Bitterness puts the focus on the person who wronged you. Yet you don’t have any control over the other person. You do have power over yourself. By redirecting your focus inwards is precisely how you go about empowering yourself.

The Cure of Bitterness

James J. Messina has developed a five-step plan:

(1) Identify the source of your bitterness and what this person did to evoke your resentful feelings;

(2) Develop a new way of looking at your past, present, and future—including how resentment has negatively affected your life and how letting go of it can improve your future;

(3) Write a letter to this person, describing [their] offenses toward you, then forgive and let go of them (but don’t send the letter);

(4) Visualize your better future having neutralized the negative impact of resentment; and

(5) If bitter, resentful feelings remain, return to Step 1 and begin again

Conclusion with quotes:


Daily Prompt: Bitter

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52 Weeks of Thankfulness – Week 9


This is the 52 Weeks of Thankfulness – Week 8 at Haddon Musings

I am thankful this week for good health.


My health insurance has a great prevention program for patients over certain age. The “head to toes” physical check-up does not require copay for doctor’s visit. Upon completion of the check-up, patients will receive a $50 credit card as incentive. The insurance customer service representative even called my doctor to set up the appointment for me.

I always have my annual physical examination anyway. The proactive, preventive program of the insurance made it easier for my visit to the doctor. Prior to the appointment, a physical history review form was sent to me to fill out. I was thankful that I checked “no” or “none” for 99% of the problems. The only concern I had was my high blood pressure.

Dr. Hutain has been my doctor for 25 years. During the visit, he had on his computer a list of questions. The questions were in the categories of my diet, exercise, lifestyle such as drinking or smoking, my emotional state, my vision, the ability to drive and my memory. It felt so good to hear my own answers to all the questions were positive.

At the end, I was prescribed a low dosage of high blood pressure medication. My doctor had a big smile on his face and said, “You’ll be around for a long time!”


Daily Prompt: None

Daily Prompt: Lifestyle

100 WWC – Makeover Lighthouse


Image Credit: Bikurgurl

Imagine 150 years ago, ships coming into this bay in a pitch-black night! They couldn’t see if they were hitting rocks or anything in shallow water. What happened if you lived in that house? A ship might have collided into it.

Well, a farmer lived in that house. He hung a kerosene lantern on the side of the barn to protect his farm house. Later the government put a lens lantern on top of a wooden post. Years have gone by, eventually the government owns that property, and changed it into a lighthouse.

Don’t you think that farmer was clever!

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100 WWC:

Nomination for the 2017 Bloggers Bash Awards Are Now Alive


This is the time of the year for you to nominate your favorite bloggers. The nomination party will be held in London, but the nomination is for every blogger anywhere in the world. If you have not participated before. Please jump in for fun. This is my first time, so I had to do some study about the rules.

Basically there are 9 categories of Bloggers Bash Awards. You may nominate one blogger per category. If you want to nominate more than one blogger, you fill out the form several times.

Nominees receive only one category award. If you are nominated for more than one categories, you will be contacted to choose one of them.

Some bloggers seem not to be able to find the nominees’ email addresses. I’m posting some info from the original hosting blog. I also did a demonstration of where to find info to fill out the form. It’s easy, so please have fun for nomination at Sacha’s blog

You’ll see “purchase ticket,” that is for bloggers who are in London and would like to join the party.

Nominations close on May 8th, then the voting will commence soon after!!!

Sample information:

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