Cathedral Towers

2017.04.04 St. Johns Bridge 1

In my recent post, I posted a few photos of Cathedral Park and St. Johns Bridge, Portland Oregon. For this challenge, I post a couple more up close photos of the architecture of the Towers. My attempt was to capture from different distances of the Towers to align waves of the cusps, the pointed ends at the top where two curved sides meet. It’s a magnificent Bridge with unusual Gothic Cathedral style of Towers.

Cathedral Park 5

2017.04.04 St. Johns Bridge 2

2017.04.04 St. Johns Bridge 3

Daily Prompt: Cusp

Cee’s Which Way Challenge – March 31, 2017

Cathedral Park 1

During the visit of our daughter and her husband, we went to Cathedral Park in Portland, Oregon. I took a few photos of the park and the bridge. The St. Johns Bridge is a steel suspension bridge that spans the Willamette River between the St. Johns neighborhood and the northwest industrial area. The bridge has two 408 feet tall Gothic Towers. The Cathedral Park is named after the Gothic Cathedral-like appearance of the bridge towers. It’s the tallest bridge in Portland.

Cathedral Park 2

Cathedral Park 3

Cathedral Park 4

Cathedral Park 5


Cee’s Which Way Challenge – March 31, 2017

Weekly Photo Challenge – Atop Views above the Clouds


When I fly on a plane, I like the window seat. It allows me to take photos of the views from the airplane, especially when the plane is above the clouds.

So often what I gaze toward the sky from the ground, I just see clouds, especially on a dark and heavy rainy day. Without the energy from the sun, I’m less motivated to get going. There were moments in my life; all I saw was dark and heavy clouds. I yearn for sunshine and blue sky to make my heart lighter, my spirit higher, and my steps swifter. Where was the sun?

When the plane flies above the clouds, right in my sight, the clear blue sky and the bright sun. They are there all the time, whether I see them from the ground or not. Of course I can’t see through the clouds, just knowing that they are always there give me encouragement. The clouds eventually will go away and the sun will shine upon my face once more.

We took this trip coming from home of southern California to Portland, Oregon; to visit our daughter and son-in-law. I got the window seat and took photos from above the clouds. I took a few photos as we approached Portland – one above the clouds with clear blue sky, one above Portland, and one above Columbia River by the airport. I inserted a photo of the sun above the clouds from our trip to Key West .




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Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop

Weekly Photo Challenge – Wish


My husband and I live in southern California. My daughter and her husband live in Portland Oregon. There is 1,000 miles in distance. We visit each other several times a year and go places together. My “wish” or “desire” has been that we live closer together. We could just hop over for dinner. We could have a game night until late, and still not too far away to get home. We could go for a walk and talk about everyday life. With technology, there’s no limit to send a text, get on the phone, or skype. Yet, there is nothing compare to being close by and able to do thing spontaneously.

Photos: Portland airport, Japanese Garden OR, Laguna Beach CA, Multnomah Fall, OR

Japanes garden 1

Laguna Beach 1

Munlmah fall 2


Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish

Weekly Photo Challenge – Graceful Waterfalls

Waterfall in Arboretum L.A., flowing gracefully and peacefully.



Waterfall in Japanese Garden, Portland, OR, gracefully and gently makes it’s way to the pond.


Multnomah Fall, Portland, Oregon trailing as graceful as the bridal veil.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Big and Small

“Trees of Mystery” is a privately owned attraction located in Northern California.  Paul Bunyan is at the door to welcome you. My baby daughter was modeling to compare the size of Paul Bunyan.

Voodoo donuts, Portland, Oregon – my husband is eating the big size donut. They also have small size donuts with special toppings.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Big and Small