Sunday Trees #288

This is Becca Givens’ Sunday Trees  at  “On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea”

My entry for the week shows the Jacaranda trees in this 1930 neighborhood. Jacaranda trees are on both sides of Jacaranda Street and Brookdale Street in Fullerton City, California. Every year in the month of May, Jacaranda trees are in full bloom of lavender flowers. The trees are reaching out and touching the branches from the opposite side of the streets and create an arch pathway. By this time of the month, the flowers start to fall, the sidewalks look like a lavender carpet. The neighbors enjoy and appreciate this annual beauty.

#287 Jacquaranda 1

#287 Jacquaranda 2

#287 Jacquaranda 3

#287 Jacquaranda 4

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Cee’s Which Way Challenge – Kelley Point Park, Portland, OR

Kelley Poitnr Pk 2017.05.13a

On May 13, 2017 Mercy and Will took my husband and I to Kelley Point Park in Portland, Oregon. The park is full of sky reaching trees and green bushes. It was right after the rain. The ground was still wet. We could smell the fresh green in the air. The park was along two rivers – Willamette River and Columbia River.

During Lewis and Clark expedition, they ascended Columbia River in 1805, and descended in 1806, but missed the mouth of Willamette River. The Native Americans had been in this areas around 1850. Since 1900, Willamette River became a significant river. Rich with sediments, deposited by flooding and rainfall on the western side of the Cascades, the Willamette Valley is one of the most fertile agricultural regions in North America,

The middle group of trees in the last photo is the point where Willamette River meets Columbia River.

Kelley Poitnr Pk 2017.05.13ab

Kelley Poitnr Pk 2017.05.13ad

Kelley Poitnr Pk 2017.05.13d (2)

Kelley Poitnr Pk 2017.05.13f


Cee’s Which Way – May 12, 2017

Daily Prompt: Descend

Sunday Trees – #287

Becca Givens at “On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea”  has been hosting Sunday Trees for five years. My entry today is the photos of the trees taken at Kelley Point Park, Portland, Oregon.

Happy Mother’s Day to you, all my friends!




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Reflecting on the Reflection

Laguna Lake 1

Laguna Lake 2

Sitting by Laguna Lake, looking at the reflection in the water of the surrounding, made me reflecting on the life of the lake in the past twenty some years. Before 2004, a quarter of the lake was covered by Lotus patches. The Lotus flowers were gorgeous. Ducks used to lay eggs on the patches.

Laguna Lake is under the charge of Parks and Recreation Commission of City of Fullerton, California. In year 2004, the lake was undergoing a restoration project. In the midst of the project, a giant 4-foot-long, 100 pound turtle was discovered. Eventually the turtle was housed in Arboretum and then toured for exhibitions.

In September 2004, the lake was dredged, new irrigation system was installed. Humps of small rocks were built around the lake close to the dirt path for animals to rest on them.

Thirteen years into the new lake, life underneath and above the lake is abundant. a lot of activities on the dirt path also, such as running, jogging, walking, horseback riding, biking, baby strolling and fishing. The residences in Fullerton City and beyond enjoy the lake tremendously.

Laguna Lake 7

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting

Dangerous Weather

Maui 1

Maui 2

Maui 3

In my previous post The Road Taken, I wrote about one of our trips to Maui. The rain storm was hitting the island (photo 4 and 5). The down pour rain put us in danger when driving through the twist and turn of Road to Hana. The danger lied in the passing point where there was “no visibility” due to the narrow space and sharp turns of the road.

Before the rainfall pouring down, we passed by an area with breathtaking view of the cliff along the ocean. This area was dangerous during stormy and windy time. On this day, the cloud formations and the white heads of the waves showed signs of strong wind and rough current. I insisted on going to the edge of the cliff for photos. There was a U shape basin at the bottom of the cliff before reaching the ocean. As I walked toward the ocean, at the corner of my eyes, I saw two overturned vehicles, one car and one truck. After taking a couple photos, I wanted to take a photo of the fallen vehicles. The wind was so strong that I couldn’t keep a steady footing. I was not able to move close to the edge to see the vehicles again without risking of being blown down to the basin.

It was an exciting and nervous trip in our familiar travel location!

Featured Image -- 9727

Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger!