Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Big and Small

“Trees of Mystery” is a privately owned attraction located in Northern California.  Paul Bunyan is at the door to welcome you. My baby daughter was modeling to compare the size of Paul Bunyan.

Voodoo donuts, Portland, Oregon – my husband is eating the big size donut. They also have small size donuts with special toppings.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Big and Small

Daily Prompt – Ice Cream Float





In response to the daily prompt – float, I wanted to make ice cream float. I found this easy recipe and easy process, so I decided to make it.

I need blueberries, black cherry ice cream and strawberry soda, and a serving glass.

I put the blueberries and the ice cream in the serving glass alternatively, then add the strawberry soda until the ice cream floats.

Here it is, my first mixed berries ice cream float. Hope you like it!!

Daily Prompt: Float

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Duck Duck Goose

I remember playing Duck Duck Goose as a child. We liked to play tricks to make the game fun to play.

Ducks! Ducks! We have the pleasure to watch the ducks doing all kinds of fun things while swimming in Laguna Lake where we go on our daily walk.




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Duck Duck Goose

Tuesday Travel Highlight – Vancouver, BC

We went to visit my sister and her family in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We had in mind to go to Whistler, a Ski Resort, but the fog came in. We didn’t think it was a good day to go. So we decided to go to a local mountain for snowboarding. It was a lot of fun.



Get ready!






Climb up from the wire, and slide down again!


– Photos by Miriam Hurdle

Tuesday Travel Highlight – Alaska


Alaska was one of the exciting places we have traveled. We watched so much about glacier on National Geographic or BBC channels. But there is nothing like seeing it close up.

We flew to Anchorage. I had my heaviest jacket on when we went to the tourist center. The tour guide said, “Are you from California?” Then I looked around and realized that I was the only teddy bear.

We took the cruise boat to watch the glacier. I felt cold only when the boat got close to the glacier.


After the cruise, we did rafting on a calm river!! When driving around town, we noticed that more people owned seaplanes than cars. It makes sense because only seaplanes can get to and from many of the islands.

The exciting part of our trip was the helicopter ride to the top of the glacier. My husband is a helicopter pilot. The tour pilot said if my husband had his license with him, he would let my husband fly. Anyway, I took a lot of close up photos of the glacier. Eventually the tour pilot found a flat spot to land. We walked around and took photos, and took one for the cruise boat from above!



– Photo by Miriam Hurdle