No Sharing Territory

Territory bird 1

The birds love to come to the feeding in my backyard. The faithful pair of Gray Jay comes daily for morning and evening feeding. The beautiful American Robins are also frequent visitors. All of them are usually good in sharing. Once in in while, there is a third Gray Jay wants to come for a share. The male Gray Jay somehow always chases him away. I wonder if he is protecting the territory of the feeding or the territory of his partner!

Territory bird 2

Territory bird 3

Territory bird 4

Daily Prompt: Territory

Oh Rain!


Heavy rain pours in the morn of two to four,

Warm air lifting the clouds dropped the temperature.

Drip drop drip drop on the roof,

Sounded like a hypnotizing sooth.

Woke up to fresh misty air,

Hastily made a visit to my garden,

Flowers dropped their heads, carrying

Water on their shoulders.

Flocks of birds flying south,

Sense the coming of winter.

Floods and puddles everywhere, yet

Pleased with the long awaited rain pours.

– Photo by Miriam Hurdle

Local Lake


Daily walk around the lake,

Mindset changed instantly.

Worry free ducks floating,

Soft birds’ chirping;

Calm water drifting,

Gentle light reflecting.

A place to strengthen the body,

Refresh the mind, renew the energy.

What a delight to have

Such a lake, locally!

–  Weekly Photo Challenge: Local

– Photo by Miriam  Hurdle

Three Eggs, Four Babies

In one of my Blogger Award acceptance response, I talked about my bird watching and bird feeding the last two years. I also talked about birds making nests in my front yard and backyard. Brigid P. Gallapher from  asked me to post some pictures of the process from female bird laying eggs to eggs being hatched, growing, grown and gone.

Here are a few pictures during April 14 to May 12, 2016.

April 14, 2016, three eggs were laid. April 17, 2016, female robin was incubating the eggs.

May 1, 2016, four birds were hatched.  May 5, 2016, birds’ feathers were growing.

May 5, 2016, male robin watched near by. May 11, 2016 birds’ feathers were full grown.

May 12, 2016, one last feeding the grown birds. May 12, 2016, baby birds couldn’t fit into the tiny nest. One stretch, and every bird got pushed out of the nest. Woosh! They were gone!

The last feeding picture was taken behind the window. It was not as clear as the other pictures. I hope you share my joy of watching them!