Aromatic Garden

Clockwise: mint, lavender, eucalyptus, basil, and rosemary from my front and back yards.

My aromatic garden:

Mint tea for me, or mojito (mixed drink) for my husband.

Basil for cooking, such as tomato basil soup

Rosemary for garnish any dishes

Eucalyptus for a soothing bath

Lavender aromatic mist for moisturiser

I’m happy and relaxed with my aromatic garden.

Daily Prompt: Aromatic

Summer In My Garden

Cherry tomatoes,

Red plums,

Delicious apples,

Purple plums,

Red grapes, green grapes,


In my garden they grow!





Orange lilies,

Readily show their blossom!

Gentle faces,

Cheerful colors,

Aromatic fragrances,

Elegantly display their radiation

In the summer sun!

Daily Prompt: Elegant