Mayon Volcano, Albay

마산오피 마산건마 오피쓰 OPSS2.COM

Mount Mayon is the most active volcano in the Philippines. But in contrast of its threat lies a perfectly cone shaped volcano that can surpass the beauty of any volcano on Earth. The breathtaking landscape of Mayon Volcano is already a very popular landmark of the Philippines, as you can see it in the Philippine money and in common postcards in the country. Mayon is also named as one of the world’s most photogenic.

Mayon Volcano, Albay

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Blanket of Tulips

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm, Oregon

During the last visit of our daughter Mercy and her husband Will, we were going to Tulip Festival at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Oregon. Due to the cold weather, the tulips were not open yet.

At this time, the blankets of full bloom tulips in the Farm are gorgeous. We are going to Portland again for the Mother’s Weekend. Seeing some tulips or other beautiful flowers would be a wonderful treat.


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Thank You – 2010 Followers! Hooray!

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to my 2010 followers.

2000 a

2000 d

I am thankful for this great and supportive WordPress Community. Even though I started my blog in July 2001, I was not sure what I wanted to do with it. From July 2011 to September 2014, I made 12 posts and had one follower.

In July 2016 I decided to make a go again, and I started on July 29. I was somehow ready but still wasn’t sure what to write about. I wrote poems, posted travel photos. Then slowly I participated in challenges. I made friends and had regular dialogues.

I felt more comfortable and wrote more of my personal and family stories. I was overwhelmed by the tremendous interest and support. The post about wishing to live close to my daughter, and the Love Letter I wrote to my daughter became the top posts which received 176 and 162 likes. You touched me by showing how much you care about me and my family.

There are about 20 friends who have been supporting me from the beginning when I returned blogging. You’re still supporting me. I want to show my special appreciation.

I also want to thank all 2010 of you follow and befriend with me during the last NINE months. You become a big part in my life. THANK YOU.

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WordPress stops at 1337 of any notification. You are independent when get beyond that number.

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Home and Now-Home

Our latest travel was Spain. It was a wonderful experience. It makes us think of “where next?”

2017.04.26 wonderlust 12017.04.26 wonderlust 22017.04.26 wonderlust 32017.04.26 wonderlust 4

Roots originated in a land

Thousands miles from where I stand

Driven by innate wanderlust

Travel all over the world I must

Chances to visit foreign soil or home

Yet yearn to return to my NOW home


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

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Tuesday Photo Challenge: RGB – Road Trip

Frank’s Photo Challenge for this week is to have Red, Green, and Blue in the photos. The first thought came to my mind was the road trip we took from Las Vegas to Yellowstone. I wore red on the second day when we stopped by Mormon Tabernacle in Utah, Grand Teton National Park, WY, before we arrived Yellowstone, WY. In this set of Photos, my red t-shirt fulfills one of the three elements in this challenge ♥.





Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – RGB

Healthy Smoothie

veg.fruit.drink 1

I can’t say that we are health nuts, but both my husband and I are health conscious. We try to be on nutritional diet.

I have a Nutrition Chart given to me by my daughter. She happened to have a spare one. I taped it on the inside of the cupboard door. It’s convenient for me to open the door and refer to the chart on a regular basis.

About ten days ago, my husband wondered if we were getting enough iron and calcium from food. When he studied my Nutrition Chart, he found out that Kale is rich in iron and calcium plus other nutrients, celery could lower blood pressure, and berries are rich in antioxidant. The conversation went on to talk about the benefits of certain vegetables and fruits. We went shopping for fresh vegetables and a large volume of mixed berries in a Ziploc bag.

He uses the blender to blend in kale, celery, mixed berries and other dark green vegetables to make smoothies. He makes enough for 4 glasses. Each of us has one drink in the morning and one in the evening.

It becomes our regular drink of the day!

veg.fruit.drink 2

veg.fruit.drink 3

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