White Coat Syndrome

Years ago, under a difficult situation
I started having high blood pressure.
Dosage of medication kept
Increased by measure, to
Keep my head from under water.
Crisis came to a closure after years
Losing tens of thousands of dollars
Still took med and frequent monitor
Without the constant pressure
My heart beats gradually got slower
It kept a steady pace for years
Decided to get rid of the med with
Doctor’s permission
Dosage was decreased by 10 mg at a time
Inform the doctor was always on my mind
Had the lower dosage more than
Three months before making any changes
Exercise and diet were the combination
Five years had gone by and
Finally to my med a good bye

The only time my high blood pressure spikes is
When I have medical appointments
The doctor said my nervousness is a
White Coat Syndrome


Daily Prompt: Nervous

Daily Prompt: Spike


42 thoughts on “White Coat Syndrome

  1. A friend and I were just talking about this, as I had a Dr. appt. the other day and every time I go my blood pressure is high, but only there. Otherwise it’s actually low. So glad you are able to come off the meds and all is well!! 🙂

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  2. I can relate — my old doc used to have the nurse take my blood pressure at the end of our appointments because my anxiety would make things crazy!

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  3. It always makes me wonder: how come so many new problems relate to stress or anxiety? I’m sorry to hear about this… One more. At the same time I’m so relieved and happy to hear that management helped.

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    • Exactly! Good thing that when I go to my family doctor, my blood pressure is perfect 120 over 70. So when I told him about my problem when going to other doctors, he just wrote the diagnosis on my medical record that I have White Coat Syndrome. So I told all the other doctors!

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  4. I’m sure that was quite a relief, and I bet exercise and diet helped tremendously. But I completely understand White Coat syndrome…I actually have to give myself time to relax and think happy thoughts whenever I get my blood pressure measured. What a perfect take on the prompt of ‘nervous!’

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