52 Weeks of Thankfulness – Week 6


This is the 52 Weeks of Thankfulness – Week 6 at Haddon Musings

I’m thankful this week for having 45 minutes of touching, contemplative Good Friday Concert presented by the Choir and orchestra tonight. The concert presented the message of the Lamb of God sacrificed Himself for our redemption. We were grateful that our new pastor was part of presentation. He read the scripture and prayed before our singing. He appreciated the choir’s service to the church.

The choir has been singing for over 50 years. Some of the members have been together from the beginning. We are not merely a choir but a family, a support group that uplifts each other. Some members are in their 60s, 70s, even 80s. In the first photo, the members in the front row were sitting down because of their physical limitation. They don’t let their physical conditions discourage their participation in singing. In fact, praising God with their voices becomes their strength.

The former pastor who stayed with us for only a couple years almost dismantled the choir. (The previous pastors stayed for 20 years each.) We went through a most difficult time in our choir history. Yet we still met and prayed together regularly even when we were not scheduled for singing.

The new pastor embraces all age groups of the congregation. He also appreciates classical, traditional, and contemporary music. The choir has a greater hope to be included in the services in the future.


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20 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Thankfulness – Week 6

  1. Yippee! You look great, Miriam. ❤
    My thankfulness today is to be able to join in an Easter on the Beach event in Santa Monica. It is with my spiritual family, and it touches my heart to have a welcoming place to go.
    Happy Easter (and Passover 🙂 ), and blessings,

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    • Happy Easter to you also! My other chorale director is Jewish, we perform for Hanukkah and other Jewish celebration. I love Jewish music. The music is not the same as the other music that has seven notes in a scale. It has 6? So it sounds unique? Do you celebrate Passover?

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    • Thank you Cheryl. I feel much better. That pastor received many letter including a 9-page one, and some angry letters. He eventually quit. He was brilliant and had a thriving church with tons of young people. Didn’t know he was unbalanced! Happy Easter!


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