Tuesday Photo Challenge – Broken Highway at Key West


KeyWest HarborKey West southernmost point

Key West, Florida is the southernmost point in the continent of USA.  It’s one of the best places to watch sunset. Key West is humid. The fog came in at nightfall.

The second day of the trip, we drove up and down the Highway to visit other Keys. Apparently, part of the Highway was broken. Instead of repairing, a new section of the Highway was built, parallel to the broken section. The two ends of the new were connected to the original Highway. The broken section was left alone.

Hwy-broken bridge

We went to the Ernest Hemingway House, I took a photo of the picture of his fishing boat named Pilar. Hemingway regularly fished off the boat in the waters of Key West, Florida. Several of Hemingway’s books were influenced by time spent on the boat, most notably, The Old Man and the Sea and Islands in the Stream.

1 Key West Hammingway

The winter White House of President Harry S. Truman was his white house away from the White House. Today it is a public Key West museum.

Successful fishing trip! Many birds around were waiting for the scraps from cleaning the fish.

Wreck Museum displayed the treasures found from the shipwreck. Marilyn Monroe’s famous Seven Year Itch status was in front of a theater.

One of the highlights for my husband was his diving trip.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Broken


26 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Broken Highway at Key West

  1. I spent some time in Florida, unfortunately, it was a bad time of my life. A time of much confusion, indecision and striving to find a resolution. No order. So you are showing here but things I had heard of but had no time for. So I am grateful for these representations.


  2. Beautiful photography! I kept looking for how the “Broken” theme was being worked in the pictures….then I went back and read the title, duh! LOL! Thanks for sharing – I’ve not been to the Key West. Putting on the bucket list ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, it was. That Key (island) is very small. We hung out at the tourist area every night. Lot of little places. My husband got a Cuban cigar to pose for my photo. I’m glad to see Hemingway’s boat. Kind of picture hime sailing in the boat and got inspiration for his writing!


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