52 Weeks of Thankfulness – Week 4


This is the “52 Weeks of Thankfulness” Week 4 at Haddon Musings

I have been traveling by air for forty five years, and haven’t missed a flight yet. When the flights were delayed in a significant amount of time, the airlines usually compensate by overnight accommodation, tokens, or coupons. If we miss the flight, that’s another story.

We almost missed the flight coming back to California from Portland, Oregon last Tuesday, March 28. We eventually made it and got on the plane eight minutes before the plane closed the door! I was so very thankful!

sunset in air

Here is the story. We were leaving Portland last Tuesday. My daughter and her husband went to work. We checked out from the hotel at 11:00 a.m. Our flight left at 5:55 p.m., so we spent a few hours at their house, then took the MAX trains to the airport.

I already went online and printed the train schedule. We needed to take the yellow line to a Transit Center, and then walked across several crosswalks to the red line that goes to the airport. We took the yellow line on time as recommended. After we got off the yellow line and walked to the red line station, for some reason, we were just a few steps short to catch the red line train.

Alright, the train comes by every fifteen minutes; we just had to wait for the next train! My husband said the next train would arrive in 24 minutes due to a 10 minutes delay. I started to get anxious, and looked at the time on my phone every 15 seconds. I sent a text to my daughter about the delay. My daughter offered to ask her husband to take us to the airport. I looked at the traffic and told her that driving could be worse. The 24 minutes wait was like forever, but finally the red line train came.

While we were still on the train, my phone received the boarding notification. I just kept praying instead of telling my husband. I knew if we had no problem going through the security check, we would have a chance to make it.

Thankfully, we had TSA Pre-check, so we went through the short line for security check. Then my husband ran to the gate, let them know that we were there. He had my phone with the Boarding Passes. We finally got on the plane eight minutes before the door was closed.

I sent a text to my daughter to let her know that we made it. She said she was praying for us all that time! God is good!


You’re invited to participate to share your thankfulness at Haddon Musings.


32 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Thankfulness – Week 4

  1. Oh that was pretty nerve wracking Miriam. I have never missed a flight but the last time I visited Bali my flight into Kuala Lumpur got caught in a thunder storm. We had to circle for over an hour before it was safe to land! Thankfully, the connecting flight waited for our arrival. 😊

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  2. What a story, Miriam! It reminds of a time at the Seatac airport where I nearly missed my plane – maybe to So. Cal? earlier this year. They had just closed the jetway doors when I arrived, out of breath, after having to run back to the place in the terminal I’d gotten lunch – to retrieve my coat. If you know Seatac airport at all, my departure gate was out at the North Concourse (by subway from the main terminal), and I’d left my coat at the main terminal near the “C” gates. It was a good thing I ran most of the way – I barely made it! The gate agents were really cranky with me when I ran up, grousing that they’d already given away my reserved seat assignment (on the aisle), so I would have to take a center seat. No matter, I got on the plane and made it safely to my destination.

    As did you. 🙂


    • I know that so well. One time when we were in Maui, the storm was coming through. I was so worry that the flight would be rescheduled. My daughter and her husband were coming to CA the next day after our arrival. I should be picking them up from the airport. And the day after their arrival, we were all going to a wedding. So id our flight was delayed, I had not idea whom I could ask to pick them up, and how they could get into our house… and on and on…Thankfully, the storm didn’t go through Maui. It disappeared…. Thank you so much for our comment!!


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