No Sharing Territory

Territory bird 1

The birds love to come to the feeding in my backyard. The faithful pair of Gray Jay comes daily for morning and evening feeding. The beautiful American Robins are also frequent visitors. All of them are usually good in sharing. Once in in while, there is a third Gray Jay wants to come for a share. The male Gray Jay somehow always chases him away. I wonder if he is protecting theΒ territory of the feeding or the territory of his partner!

Territory bird 2

Territory bird 3

Territory bird 4

Daily Prompt:Β Territory


50 thoughts on “No Sharing Territory

  1. I just put a plate of seed out for my birds as well (hoping to catch some pictures) and through the night something knocked it off a high pedestal and cracked it. Then we saw a raccoon across the porch last night, so I’m thinking it was in a huge massive bird ha ha but a sneaky lil’ raccoon. 🀀

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  2. Really clear photos of those birds. We have a feeder in the back yard, and most take their turns, but sometimes they get into a squabble! They also come up on the porch to eat the cat’s crunchy food. πŸ™‚

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