Beautiful Tiny Baby

Seven months being pregnant

Driving from California to Oregon

For a Christmas occasion

“Take breaks more often.” Doctor said


Still, it was 1,000 miles in distance

When we arrived, I had contraction

Went to the hospital in Salem

 “We are not equipped to care for

Premature babies.” Doctor said


I was taken by an ambulance

Traveled one hour to Portland

I was holding my baby tight

Praying, telling her, “I love you,”

All the way


We arrived to the hospital safe and sound

The contraction seemed to quiet down

I had a belt on my belly strapped around

To monitor the frequency of contraction


Not long after I had dinner

The monitor beeped a warning sound

Yes, my daughter wanted to come around

A Caesarean Section is in order


 “An experimental drug could be

Injected to your spinal chord

To mature the baby’s lungs, so to

Breathe on her own support

The effect to you is unknown.” Doctor said


Without hesitation, I wanted the injection

It turned out to be a right decision

Baby Mercy only needed twelve hours of

Respiratory help


She was tiny and beautiful

I had her in my arms,

Her eyes followed my mine

My baby had the Angel’s guide


Her birth was years ago,

The vivid memory never gets old

She started with her tiny feet

Her steps have been directed by

Her heavenly Father’s lead

Daily Prompt: Vivid

Daily Prompt: Hesitate


65 thoughts on “Beautiful Tiny Baby

  1. Your post about your daughter has given me an even stronger bond with my faith. You both were being held in the strong hands of the Lord. Our daughter had a severe case of spinal meningitis at age 18 months. She had low fever that morning and she was holding onto her ears. I took her to the pediatrician (not our regular doctor…he was out of town)…and he diagnosed her with yet another ear infection. I came back home and put her down for a nap. Within thirty minutes, our son was seven years old and he ran into the kitchen to say that the baby was not moving…I took her temperature and she had 106 degree fever. We rushed to the hospital and she was right on the very verge of a coma. She was in the hospital for two weeks and she had some resulting learning problems…such as deciphering sounds and reading comprehension until she was about to enter middle school. With help from many prayers…I am sure…she suddenly became an honor roll student. A miracle. She finished her BA with honors and has completed her M.Ed in Elementary Counseling at TCU. Amazing. My husband and I are so thankful. Just wanted to tell you our story…because both of our families have been blessed!

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    • Oh thank you for sharing the miracle about your daughter! Yes, the Lord is good. We have to trust Him even in the middle of our miseries and never doubt Him. Every time, He carries us through and made us stronger. I’ve walked through miracle after miracle. Yes, both your family and my family have been blessed!! xx

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  2. Beautiful poem and such precious photos. Got a little choked up reading about your experience…brought back some of my own memories…the worry, the birth, the first moments. Every baby is such a gift, and your story is wonderful. Thanks for posting.

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