The Rain in Spain

I checked the weather report in Spain. It looks like the whole country is either cloudy or rainy today. When we traveled to Spain in August, 2016, the cities we visited are covered with lush greenery around the historical sites.




Daily Prompt: Lush


15 thoughts on “The Rain in Spain

  1. On my previous visits to Spain, I spent most of my time in the cities. The architecture (particularly in Barcelona) is amazing. However, after this post, I’m itching to get back, to see the countryside, and explore the quiet, out-of-the-way places that only locals know about.

    When my wife and I walk the Camino this year, this will definitely be one of my goals.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post!

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    • Thank you. The travel site would give you some ideas of what are the popular sites to visit. Yes, I think one thing about joining a tour is that they try to take us to (some) places where we can’t go if we travel on our own. We went to the bull ranch. The owner explained that they raised the best breed of the bulls from young. They enjoy the best green. Never had any idea about fighting. When they reach (4?) years old, take them to the bull ring, blind fold them and let them out to fight. They chase around seeing nothing. Eventually got killed. Each fight six bulls get killed. It was hard for me to find our the cruel idea behind it. Barcelona banned bull fight. Other cities still have bull fights. Are you still hiking?

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