Daily Prompt – Resist, Self Control


Someone in this house

Like the bittersweet of

Dark, dark chocolate

If some are in the fridge tonight

They will be gone by dawn

Someone in this house

Like the bittersweet, can’t

Resist dark, dark chocolate

Rather gobble down, than

Leave them to be found

Someone in this house

Has sweet tooth and teeth

Self control is needed

That someone is not me

Daily Prompt: Resist

Daily Prompt: Control


30 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Resist, Self Control

  1. My husband buys this!!! And I can barely resist them!!!! I stopped eating sugar thanksgiving day….I stare at those chocolate bars!!!! But chocolate cannot break me 🙂


    • Yes, we compared and tried different brands before settling with this one. Different brands taste slightly different. I like bitter taste in a lot of things. For chocolate, I have to eat it in the morning, so the sugar won’t keep me up.


  2. I loveeee Chocolate! When I put my hands on it, only God above can remove it from my hands. OMG! I eat and eat until my stomach stretched! LOL Chocolate is what I called life. A person who don’t like chocolate, is missing outttttt! LOL By the way, great post!

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