Tuesday Photo Challenge – Land, Parasailing

My husband, my daughter, son-in-law, and I took a trip to Bangkok for three days. One of the activities the boys wanted to do was parasailing. We bought the tickets for just the two of them. My daughter and I were spectators.



The parasailing staff fitted them with special parasail harness, and hooked up to the parasail. They then walked to the edge of the flight deck and be hooked on to the Jet Boat. As soon as they were ready, the Jet Boat took off used the hydraulic winch system, and they were launched gently into the air. They could fly up to 500 feet. When time was up, the Jet Boat retrieved them and went toward the flight deck. As the Jet Boat turned away, they should land on the flight deck, and the staffs would catch them to a safe landing. They could choose to land in the water and swim to the check. My husband didn’t choose to land in the water. Somehow he ended up in the water. He is a good swimmer and diver, so he didn’t mind.  They had lots of fun and excitement doing the parasailing!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Land


37 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Land, Parasailing

  1. Thank you for posting this Miriam! I am planning on doing this for the summer. This has been on my Dream Book for awhile now, and thank you fro bringing it back to my memories and remind me of what I have to do! Thank you! 🙂

    This is why I lover writers! Not only do they remind you of what your dream, but also they make you feel every experience through their writing! Beautiful! Love Miriam! Keep writing, keep on moving and keep on enjoying life! You and your beautiful family deserve it!

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  2. Parasailing such an adventure. I remember doing it in Goa. i am not a swimmer at all. ONLY I know how my legs were trembling! All the time i was thinking of drowning but once in air…Oh My God! I conquered one fear.

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