Weekly Photo Challenge – Warmly Lit Stage

Being in Vienna, one great event I wouldn’t want to miss was to attend a concert of Mozart and Strauss. The stage was warmly lit, gave a feeling of ambience, anticipating the magnificent music.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience


19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Warmly Lit Stage

    • As far as music, I expected more, but I guess the one we went was available during our tour. Back at home, I go to more extensive concerts! But it was a great experience. Same thing when we were in Sydney, didn’t see my favorite opera, and just saw the one available during our visit!

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    • Mozart is one of my favorite composers.His style of music is easier to recognize than some other composers. Saw the movie Amadeus, but that was not the way he died. The picture of him with the crazy hair that we see in US, I didn’t see it in Vienna. In Vienna, the pictures and sculptures of him always have the hair nice and neat. I think Vienna doesn’t want to promote that mezzy hair image of him.

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