Daily Prompt – Even or Uneven Path

Even, straight path, so attractive,

Predictable routine perpetuates.

No extra effort required,

Autopilot, it’s becoming.

Where is it leading?

Endless of same old thing.


Uneven, windy path, unavoidable,

Exciting adventures unforeseen

Balance, adjustment required

Alertness, attention paying,

Where is it leading?

A rewarding dream of your life.

Daily Prompt: Uneven


11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Even or Uneven Path

  1. Uneven, for us it means not being the same. Would Mel and Suan be an uneven couple? LOL
    Perhaps. Because we have our individualities and that can go off tangient from each other at times…unevenness is not to be avoided. It is to be valued, as diversity, as different points of view.
    What do you think?

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