Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Dark and Light

The Laguna Lake is getting dark. The sunlight makes it’s last peek from behind the tree before it decent to the horizon.



The rain clouds are getting darker and darker. The blue sky and the sunlight still try to show their brightness through the dark clouds. Californians are not used to drive in the rain. The commuters have their headlights on, try to get home as soon as possible.




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge -Dark and Light


8 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Dark and Light

    • I was referring to my first year as student in Portland. It had snow. Some friends wanted to go to San Francisco, I went along and was sitting out in the sun, yes, it was Christmas! It gave me a great impression!!! I think I should qualify that it happened that year. When we went to Portland for Christmas 2016, the 10 day forecast was from 32 to 43 degree, so we bundled up.


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