Tanka – Sincere

Daily Prompt: Sincere

Tanka Poem



Fixing, moving, carrying.

Ask for help, you say.

Not my natural, usual way.

You’re sincere, take with no fear.




13 thoughts on “Tanka – Sincere

  1. It’s beautiful and simple, loved it. Sometimes it’s better to do some works by ourselves rather than to wait for some help. Asking for help and waiting for some help isn’t wrong but that shouldn’t make us dependable all the time. There is some fun in being independent and doing certain things all alone. Keep writing and keep inspiring dear.

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  2. Since I’m alone, there’s no one to ask for practical things–I do it, or it’s not done. However, I ask God to help me with everything–so although He can’t carry my laundry downstairs, He can arrange for things like “no down pour of rain”, “no icy parking lot”, and “no one else’s clothes in the only washer/dryer we have for 11 units”. I also ask His help when I go to the grocery store: “sales” on what I need!

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