Weekly Photo Challenge – Dolphins


Dolphins are adorable animals. When we went to North Carolina. My husband went diving. On our way to the outer ocean. A school of dolphins came by. All the guys jumped in and swam with the dolphins. I had a chance to catch a few shots.


I took a ceramic class with my daughter. This was one of the ceramic pieces I painted. Since I love dolphins, it was just natural that it was among the first pieces I pained.


I have several categories of collection. Again, dolphins are among them. This glass dolphin is one of my collections. I put lights under and around them so the light shines through the glass.


Weekly Photo Challenge:Transmogrify


31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Dolphins

  1. Wow Showers, you made those? Beautiful!

    Here’s one for your challenge:

    With kicking thrust from water’s sheen erupt
    A pair of piscine travelers abrupt;
    In glistening graceful arcs before our eye,
    These fellow mammals calm transmogrify.

    They chirp a complex greeting to our cheers
    Before again the liquid air they sheer.
    Now bubbles and a gentle rolling swell
    Are all that’s left their giddy whirl to tell.

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