Forest Fire

California Agriculture journal, January - March 2015, Volume 69 number 1. Outlook: Californians must learn from the past and work together to meet the forest and fire challenges of the next century

Forest fire is a problem in California, especially when the weather temperature gets up to three digits. Signs of “No Camp Fire” are displayed in National Parks. A little spark could ignite and causes a major forest fire.

The forest fire and smoke reminds me of the animation movie “Bambi” that I watched with my daughter. she was little. It was the first movie she saw about death, when Bambi’s mother was burned by the forest fire. My daughter was saddened by the story.

Forest fire is devastating to the nature, the animals, and human being.

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33 thoughts on “Forest Fire

  1. Hi Miriam I cant imagine the utter devastation and upset of a forest fire of this nature. We have certyainly had footage in the UK. However, given the title of your blog, I wondered if there had indeed been any blessings that you might know in the path of adversity when it seems there is just destruction in its wake. There are desert fires, without which certain trees can not continue tgeir own evolution to blossom, just when all seemed asunder. It is a bizarre world. Inbetween time, I wish you and others living in vulnerable regions safety and sanctuary in your homes.


  2. Oh, I’ve been through many horrific fires in Colorado and had to drive through one as a Red Cross Volunteer and having fire on both sides coming at me as though I had entered the gates of hell. Very scary. We ere evacuated several times because the wind would keep shifting and coming our way.
    I cried through Bambi and then cried again with my children later as well.

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  3. Apparently we are heading into a huge fire danger period here in Australia. The warnings are out. I worry about the animals too, not just the wild ones but the farmed ones who have nowhere to run.

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