Have you ever felt that no one has listened to you all your life? Well, my volunteer work is doing just that – listening. I am a  volunteer counselor. I got my master’s degree in counseling. I did full time counseling for two year. Then my life took a turn, and I became an educator – a teacher and a school district administrator. After I retired from my education career, I decided to do some volunteer work that makes a difference.

I got involved in the church counseling services. Many ladies, who seek help, expressed that I was the first person who listened to them. I feel privileged to witness God’s miracles intervene their lives. The counseling helped them to process their grief, anger, abuse, and other kinds of sufferings. At the end, they were able to experience self-forgiveness, forgiving, love, and a new life!


Daily Prompt: Volunteer


61 thoughts on “Volunteer

  1. I’m taking up Masters in Counseling, and I just started. As a sensitive, and emphatic person.. I’ve been wondering if I can last with this type of work. We learn that we need to care for ourselves, so we won’t have compassion fatigue. I was just wondering if you have ever experienced being burnt out with hearing everybody else’s struggles in life?

    I believe it is one of my passions too. To be able to reach out and help. I just hope I am up for the job.

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    • When I studies counseling. We watched a film about three type of counseling philosophy or personalities. One is more into teaching mode, teach the clients what to do. One is Carl Roger’s compassionate type, listen, empathize.The other is in the middle.
      But professors always say, when you’re with your clients, you’re there 100%, but don’t carry the burdens home. Leave your work at work. That’s what I’ve been doing. The only thing I do at home would be researching to understand the clients’ syndrome, and what are the treatments out there that I’m not aware of. As far as emotionally, you can’t do anything. You can’t change your clients unless he/she is ready to do something. I listen carefully, then I always refer back to them that they said they want to get well. I appreciate you desire to help. It takes people like you to pursue this kind of services. Keep me informed as you go along with your program!!

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  2. I volunteer as a Crisis Advocate for Northwest Center Against Sexual Assault taking phone calls from individuals who have been sexually assaulted and if needed going on hospital visits when someone comes in for sexual assault and they are going to have a rape kit done. I just started last October and my shifts for some reason have been very light. I receive hardly any calls from the answering service so it is frustrating, because I do listen well like you. Thanks for this post and the reminder that we do make a difference ever so slightly when we listen.

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    • Thank you! I took a break during holidays. Now I just got a new client. The department doesn’t let me go. I think I do have listening ears and it’s worth to stay on even though sometimes it’s not convenient to my schedule. Thank you for your encouragement!


  3. Volunteering is a blessed way to give back. I do this exclusively working with persons who have dementia as a Reminiscence Coach. I also facilitate senior groups where we discuss various topics of interest and benefit to older age groups. Together we lift each other’s spirit. I am blessed to spend time around folks that are both witty and wise!

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  4. We can (and we need) always to listen..connection with people just with our ears..sometimes it is hard to listen when people are too angry with others and sometimes don´t realize that they are really mad with themselves. In problems, relationships etc..others have only the power that we give..
    Bless your attitude and your life.

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  5. It’s so nice to know that you are a volunteer counselor. It’s a really nice way of helping others. It is true that we sometimes feel like no one wants to listen or no one even hears or understands the things we have to say. Counselors are awesome.

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  6. I love how you express yourself Mom Mirriam, I’d like to compliment all you’r writeups becuase I can feel that they are all pure and genuinely made by heart. My love for you virtually is growing each day as I read your blogs. I am thankful, although we do not know each other personally but through blogs, I got to meet passionate people as you. ❤ Thanks Mom for being present all day in this blogging world. ❤

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  7. This is such a great way to help others!I love this job if i get a a chance,but i don’t have enough time.. great work Miriam mam!My respect to you is increasing gradually.Keep doing good things and spread smiles all around you😊😊

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