Nostalgia Remembering

Once in awhile, I have an urge of

Going home to see my parents.

I shook my head hard for a few seconds,

Remembering they were gone to heaven.

They passed away on the same day –

Chinese New Year’s Eve, four years different.

When our siblings realized that,

We all had goosebumps.

Dad had a stroke,

Half of his body paralyzed,

 Eight months after passed away.

Mom had Alzheimer’s disease,

Lingered for four more years.

She died of heart failure,

On the same day when

Dad passed away!

They are now in a better place,

Holding hands walking, in heaven.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

Daily Prompt: Better


24 thoughts on “Nostalgia Remembering

  1. Beautiful right, and lovely tribute to your parents. Sometimes things happen for a reason in the strangest of ways. What’s mean to be, will be. I am sure your parents are watching over you and the rest of the world now. Wishing you a good week 🙂

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  2. Just as I reckoned. An ode. A remembrance. In a world where not everyone thinks of their parents in such a fond way, you still see yours with eyes filled with love, longing, and with hopeful assurance of sweet peace!

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