Marriage Love Is…What?



Marriage Love is……what?

Love is a gift I give and receive.

Love is my expression to him and reception of his.

Love is admitting and receiving apologies.

Love is to forgive and be forgiven.

Love is self-interest and self-sacrifice.

Love is strength and vulnerability.

Love is caring and being taken care of.

Love is my respect to him and to be respected.

Love is my desire to grow and encouragement for him to grow.

Love is firm and flexible.

Love is kind and honest.

Love is patience we have for each other………..

Love is a balance of feelings and responsibilities.




10 thoughts on “Marriage Love Is…What?

  1. Good to read Miriam– the ring and yang of marriage, give and take (and hopefully mostly giving…) it’s good to looks at a marriage from this perspective of all the years behind us. I think you’ve learned a lot. Thanks for sharing it all… hugs friend. xo


  2. The give and take of a marriage relationship is well expressed here. It cannot work well if either side forgets that. It can never be stated too often. This formula works for any lasting relationship, even friendship.


    • Hi Mary Jean,
      You are right with the give and take. I heard of a comment that it doesn’t mean that you only give 50%. Both are expected to give a 100% for a relationship to work well. It’s hard when the other side has not return the favor when you keep giving. I guess it takes faith and trust to do it. Thank you for your comments.


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